Microsoft Dynamics GP Overview

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive business-management solution built on the scalable and affordable Microsoft platform. It is designed to meet the challenges faced by mid-size businesses. Your operating system, database, personal productivity tools and e-mail all work together with Microsoft Dynamics GP to help lower implementation and long-term ownership costs while increasing your business productivity. Dynamics GP offers a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating finances, supply chain, e-commerce, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, customer relationships and human resources.

People throughout your organization can use skills and products they already know, such as MS Office products, a web browser and Microsoft SQL Server to access and to communicate information within the system. Since Dynamics GP is modular based, you can license for the functions you need now and add users and options later.

Dynamics GP 10.0 Scalability White Paper

This white paper documents how Dynamics GP 10.0 is scalable when running 1,000 constant concurrent users in heavy transaction processing and analysis activity across various functional areas of the solution. It details a sample environment where the customer was able to process nearly 3.3 million business transactions (with a total of more than10.6 million transactions line items) in an 8 hour day.

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What's New With Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 streamlines and automates business processes, which enables everyone in your company to drive success. With a highly collaborative work environment, employees can share files and information, which bridges the communication between your employees, partners and customers. The user interface is designed for how people really work, which allows people to smarter and faster.

With automated approval workflows, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 helps to ensure consistency, accuracy, and tighter controls across your business. Workflows can be set up to fit the unique needs of your business process.

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